Bootstrap Theme and SASS - Theme Development - Drupal 8

When I was theming in Drupal 7, I would do so using the LESS starter kit provided by the Bootstrap theme. However, at the time of writing the LESS module has not been ported to Drupal 8, so this gives me an opportunity to try and learn the SASS starter kit instead. There doesn't appear to be any Drupal 8 module to automatically compile SASS for us so we'll have to take care of that ourselves.

Installing Drupal 8 on a local environment

I'm currently using Vagrant as my local development environment so this is what I'll be using to install my first Drupal 8 site. For Drupal 7 development I was using Vagrant Drupal Development but thought I'd switch to using Drupal VM for Drupal 8 development because it includes Drupal Console. There are a few different ways to install Drupal 8, like using Drush - the way I currently do it in Drupal 7.

What's new in Drupal 8

Object Oriented Programming

Drupal 8 now adopts modern PHP concepts and standards, object-oriented programming (OOP), and the Symfony framework. The shift from procedural to OOP is a big one, especially for those that develop modules in Drupal.

More functionality out-of-the-box

Popular modules in Drupal 7 have been ported into Drupal 8. Some modules include: